A world of inspiration

Inspiration essentially means to ‘breathe in’. We all need inspiration – the breath of life – to truly live. Our individual journey encourages us to find our muse – whatever inspires us to be more creative, innovative, original and imaginative. It could be anything.

From travel, music, structure, colour and nature or something ordinary in everyday life.

We find immense inspiration in fashion. It reflects ideas, concepts, facts and events that shape the present. So, with an eager heart and open mind ready to absorb the energy of the European fashion metropoles, we travelled across waters to place orders for the A/W 16/17 collections. Leana Schutte, buyer and head merchandiser, shares what she discovered in her world of inspiration.

What innovations caught your attention?
I’m always intrigued and inspired by the dynamic development and innovations in the field of yarns, fabrics and construction. A strong tendency towards denser fabrics with a focus on rich materials and visible decoration seems to be trending. A superior alternative to conventional knitting methods has been developed with one of our favourite brands, Marc Cain, at the forefront. 3D knitwear is the future.

We can expect garments with seam-free construction, produced three dimensionally directly on the knitting machine. This results in more softness, lightness and an entire new level of sophistication. The production facility is impressive. Click here to see more.

Any emerging designers to look out for?
A few years ago Italy launched a campaign to promote young talent in the fashion industry. Stella Jean, (Italian-Haitian) became the protégé of Giorgio Armani. Her style is as mixed as her origins, breaking the high polished mould of Italian fashion. Vogue described her collection as the antithesis of fast fashion with pieces that are to be worn and passed down for generations.

How is the consumerism movement affecting the fashion industry?
The consumer’s need for instant gratification certainly poses a challenge and the fashion industry had to adapt. With the contribution of social media and fashion bloggers, fashion and trends are instantly accessible to everyone. It feeds the culture of now. And consumers are becoming more and more demanding.

The public’s insatiable appetite for change has resulted in an exodus of renowned creative directors from big fashion houses. Feeling the pressure, they’re struggling to keep up with the increased pace of delivering collection after collection – sometimes up to six per year.

Currently collections are transformed from design stage to the retail floor in only a few weeks. Slow fashion is a movement that is steadily gaining momentum as a reaction against mass retailers. How long will we allow trends to artificially dictate the obsolescence of items we once treasured?

Let’s talk about street styles. What inspired you?
I marvel at the women who effortlessly express their individuality in the way they dress. They seem to truly enjoy the different facets of fashion. They skilfully integrate current fashion trends without becoming fashion slaves. To them, it’s more than simply getting dressed for the day. Every day is an opportunity to have fun with fashion. Public opinion seems to take the back seat as they exude self-confidence and enthusiasm.

We strive to offer the est. woman collections that not only excite, inspire and challenge, but also allow for individuality and the opportunity to create a signature look.

In conclusion, what can we expect to see in store next year?
Oversized coats and capes. Flared silhouettes. Wide-legged pants sharing the front row with skinny silhouettes. Trimmings. Sequins. You might think, ‘great for a night on the town’ or ‘special dinner with friends’, but they’ve come out to play during the day. The sport luxe trend is still a popular everyday look. Think white, black or grey separates. Monochrome.



SET is a progressive premium brand that stands for a contemporary, urban casual look. The collection’s progressive image is defined by standout pieces and clear statements. All pieces are easily combinable and exude a casual elegance, which is always paired with an edgy sensuality. The brand aspires to the highest standards – which is why the collection is largely produced in Europe using European fabrics and yarns. Presenting a premium product is the priority of every collection.

Egg-shaped wool coat & Hudson leather shirt.


We’re proud to partner with world-class brands that are at the forefront of innovation, like premium women’s brand, Marc Cain. Their sporty, feminine look is executed with simple and sleek lines, resulting in pieces that can effortlessly go from day to night. Marc Cain is for the confident woman who lives in the moment, open-minded and curious. They are an extremely successful and dynamic brand, and we are honoured to represent them in South Africa. The new collection will be in store soon.