Luxury is a highly subjective term. Once upon a time, luxury was only associated with concepts such as exclusivity, heritage, handmade, uniqueness, artisan, individuality and prestige. The dictionary defines it as a ‘pleasure obtained only rarely’. Luxury was by definition exclusive, attainable only by few.

The current market is flooded with ‘luxury’ products, where price tags and brand names are often more important than ethical questions, such as who manufactured the article and under what circumstances. Ethics and integrity often come second to exorbitant profit margins and conspicuous consumption

The perception of luxury is changing. What was once scarce (high-end brands) is now available and what was once freely available (time and space) is now scarce. When we have time, freedom to enjoy it and space to facilitate the pleasure, we move beyond the realms of superficial luxury into real luxury.

At est. we aim to not only offer you an experience, but a responsibly-sourced product that whispers luxury.

Este & Leana



The bomber jacket is making a fashion revival. Its 80s charm has us saying “welcome back”. Especially when it looks like this.

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”
Mahatma Ghandi



Hidden in the heart of Milan lies a place that is part flower shop, part cocktail bar and all-day restaurant cafe. Potafiori serves up fluffy cappucinos in the morning and banging tunes after hours. On the piano, that is. The atmosphere is infectious and unusual. There is a buffet bar that offers food and flowers, and mesmerising architecture that includes the building’s original 20th century interiors matched with contemporary Cassina chairs. If you ever find yourself meandering the streets of Milan, do yourself a favour and pop into this most delightful curiosity.

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This Italian luxury brand strikes the perfect balance between convention and innovation. We love their clean lines, exclusive prints and wearable colours. It’s what wardrobe staples are made of. The collection ranges from slouchy cardigans and luxe tees to perfectly cut pants and tailored dresses. Perfect for work and play.

Paolo Galetto & Caractere

When illustrator and portrait painter, Paul Galetto, weaved his passion for art with the world of fashion, this happened: an eclectic collection of luxury tees that has us swooning. See the artist in action. We have just unpacked these limited edition tops featuring his illustrations of the Caractere woman.

L is for LASER-CUT

This method of manufacturing uses a laser to cut materials with extreme accuracy. Laser cutting used to be reserved for haute couture designs. But, as consumers began lusting for the technique and the technology became more accessible, it has become commonplace to see laser-cut ready-to-wear runway collections. Like this beautifully executed laser-cut leather jacket from Marc Cain. Now in store.